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Saltwater Fishing

Regardless of whether you choose to go saltwater fishing in an inter-coastal waterway or the wide open offshore fishing grounds there are things you need to keep in mind. The number one thing would be to be patient awaiting the fish as well as performing your best to be able to hook them when they are there and biting. I have spent many a day fishing for hours and not caught a thing and then suddenly, the tide changes or the barometer moves and BAM … the fish start biting. For me, just being on the salt water is worth the effort. The fish are just a bonus.

Most of the videos and articles you read on this site maybe related to fishing I am currently doing or have done in the state of Florida or Texas. Feel free to drop us a note with the contact page above. Have a video you want posted here? Leave us a link to Youtube and and some text explaining the video and we will post it here.

Before You Go Fishing

To be prepared to go fishing, you need to obtain a sport fishing license because this is a necessity by law and the rules and regulations relating to sport fishing differ from one state to the other. For instance, here in Florida they have a free shoreline fishing license for residents but it does not apply if you use a cast net, so you have to follow your states regulations. Also, the fresh water license is separate although you can get a combination license. Point is, its different state by state, so make sure you know your states regulations and rules. Purchasing a license helps to fund wildlife programs too so its money well spent to help with restocking programs and the like to ensure fishing population into the future.

Saltwater Fishing Videos

See the best saltwater fishing videos contributed by fisherman (and women) just like you. Videos from Florida, Texas and around the globe catching every species of fish in all bodies of saltwater. Most of the videos posted here have been uploaded to the internet by the people who caught the fish. If you have a favorite saltwater fishing video and want to see it here, upload it to Youtube and send us a link. We will post it here on the site. So, it will not matter if you are fishing for linker Redfish in the backwaters or stalking Tuna in the open water of the offshore, you can find a video that appeals to you.

Tips and Techniques

Video segments that teach you the insider tips from the pros as well as the average Joe’s. Find out what the hottest deep sea methods are and what baits the fish are hitting. Knot tying tips to Florida fly fishing and lots more in between. I have used some of the tips found here to up my chances of catching fish in the surf and also offshore here in Florida.

Saltwater Fishing Gear – Price Comparisons

Find information on all the latest saltwater equipment, tackle and accessories and if its right for you, purchase online. Most of the items featured here are the highest rated in the industry and we have a price comparison feature that scans the online retailers and updates the prices daily. That means you don’t have to search all over to find the lowest prices for your saltwater fishing gear. Many of the saltwater fishing products featured on these pages have reviews and free shipping with no sales tax if purchased outside your state.

Conservation and Regulations –

Recently a move to help reduce sport-fishing strain is now a lot more from your federal government within the united states than it has from any of the anti-fishing or extreme preservation organizations. The most recent warning signs of that come from the South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, a part of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. These people regulate fisheries within the federal government waters in the United States from three to two hundred miles from the shoreline. You can read much about current effort in the marine conservation drive on this informative website ConserveFish.org.

Down the coastal United States of America, sport fishing regulations and rules differ inside each and every state. Bag limitations as well as size restrictions also vary from one state to another due to absolutely no clear reason. It really is baffling at very best, plus the dissimilarities generally go unnoticed if you don’t reside near the border and fish within both states. In case you are one of those particular fishermen, these types of guidelines can sound foolish in some cases. For more information, check your individual states website. Here in Florida it can be found here.